What You Need To Know About Facelifts


Why the facelift Procedure Remains So Popular

The facelift is one of cosmetic surgery’s best-known procedures. Facelifts remain highly popular and are one of the highest-rated surgeries among patients. Though non-surgical techniques have become more effective in recent years, many patients still consider facelifts.

Most facelift candidates chose to undergo this procedure when they experience facial wrinkling, loosening of the skin, and loss of facial fat due to age. Some patients may get a mini facelift in their early 30- 40’s due to visible signs, while others may consider a facelift at a later age.

What Is Involved

The standard, comprehensive facelift involves lifting the skin off the face to allow a tightening of the tissues underneath, with the skin then being repositioned for a smooth alignment. Incisions are made in front of, within or behind the ear and along the hairline. Excess skin is removed before suturing. The result is a tightening of the upper and lower face as well as the neck—giving you a refreshed, more youthful appearance after recovery.

Some patients opt for the less extensive “mini lift,” which affects only the bottom third of the face; others may need a “brow lift,” which will contour your face to give it a natural look.

Comprehensive facelifts usually take several hours and require general anesthesia. Once the surgery is over, Dr. Roth will give patients a detailed list of post-operative facelift instructions. These should be followed to ensure a successful and smooth recovery period.

Your Motives and Expectations Are Crucial

It’s important that you feel at ease and confident going into any cosmetic procedure. With a facelift, in particular, you’re looking to improve your self-image by removing signs of aging that can make you appear more tired and older than you feel.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Roth will assess your concerns and your surgical goals. Together with his staff, he takes all the time necessary to individualize your care based on your personal needs. Any plastic surgery procedure should accentuate your natural beauty, working in harmony with your bone structure and cartilage. Dr. Roth delivers beautiful results with the technique of using precise fundamental and surgical measurements to meet your needs.

Preparing for Your Facelift

Your plastic surgeon will give you comprehensive pre-op instructions, including a list of medications to avoid or stop taking–especially medications and supplements that can thin the blood and cause increased bleeding during surgery.

You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and a nurse or friend to stay with you for the first 24 to 48 hours. In fact, you will need a reliable person to help you out for that entire first week. You are advised to stay away from work and rigorous activity based on the post-op instructions Dr. Roth will provide you.

What to Expect After Surgery

Your face will be bandaged after the surgery—the dressings usually removed 1 to 2 days later. If you require removal of your stitches, Dr. Roth will set up an appointment to remove your stitches within 5 to 10 days.

The level of post-surgery discomfort is different for everyone. Patients are more likely to experience discomfort, including a noticeable tightness rather than significant pain. Medications are typically given to help administer comfort and reduce pain.

Swelling and bruising after surgery is to be expected. Inflammation usually decreases by the fifth day, but you’ll need at least a couple of weeks before most of the swelling and bruising disappear.

As you recover from your facelift, it is important to keep your face protected from the sun. Resting is absolutely necessary. After the healing process, you will be excited about the results. Dr. Roth and his team will arrange post-op appointments to ensure and monitor a successful recovery in our Houston surgery office.

Scheduling Enough Time for Your Recovery

Dr. Roth will advise you about physical activity, and returning to your daily routines.

Depending on your post-op visits and Dr. Roth’s step-by-step guidance, most patients are able to resume work in 10 days. After about 2 weeks, many patients return to their daily lives. By now, most patients experience subtle remarks about their procedure. Dr. Roth and his staff greatly appreciate the confidence you have shown in allowing them to help enhance your look, based on your individual anatomy and your surgical goals throughout the entire process.

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