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What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift (also known as a Brachioplasty) is a procedure that uses various techniques to remove excess tissue and create a tighter, more toned appearance around the upper arm area. During the arm lift surgery, an incision will be made, and the tissue will be tightened and reshaped. Lastly, the incisions are closed to create a contoured look. In some cases, the excess skin will be tucked into the armpit or removed completely. The exact technique will depend on the individual requirements of the patient in question.

What are the Benefits of an Arm Lift?

This procedure will enhance the appearance of your arms significantly by removing the excess skin, sometimes called “bat wings,” from the elbows to the axilla. It is a very powerful contouring procedure that significantly improves the patient’s upper arm look. Arm lift surgery may be right for you if the underside of your upper arms is sagging or appears loose and full due to excess skin.

Some of the benefits of an arm lift procedure include:

  • A firmer and more youthful appearance
  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem
  • Removal of baggy excess tissue

Excess arm tissue can result from a number of factors from excessive weight loss to simply being a part of the natural aging process, but a surgical arm lift procedure can provide instant results and give you a new lease on life.

Arm Lift Surgery – What the Procedure Involves

Before the surgery, Dr. Roth will talk to you about your surgical goals and advise you on the best surgical technique for you as an individual. An in-depth evaluation of your arms will take place, and the extension between the elbow and the underarm will be measured by Dr. Roth. There can be multiple procedures performed during your arm lift; this decision will be discussed during your consultation.

During the procedure, Dr. Roth will make a small incision on the inside of the arm and use the chosen technique to remove the excess fat and tighten the skin. The proportions of the incision made will differ from person to person as every arm lift procedure is tailored to the exact measurements of the patient.

What to Expect After the Surgery

Immediately after surgery, your arms will feel swollen and sore, but this will only be for a short time. The recovery process is gradual, and it may take a few weeks for the scars to start fading. The stitches used will be absorbed into the skin, and therefore you will not have to return to have them removed.

Dr. Roth will discuss recovery and aftercare with you prior to surgery so you will know what to expect from the healing process and when you can resume your normal activities such as exercise.

Most arm procedures require two weeks for the skin incisions to heal. You may need assistance with daily activities since you won’t be able to lift anything heavier than 5 pounds or lift your arms over your head. Expect a short period of swelling and healing, followed by beautiful results.

The incredible results of the arm lift procedure will be fully visible in around four to six weeks when the swelling has completely gone down. The results of an arm lift are long lasting and should last for years to come as long as you do not lose or gain a significant amount of weight. All stitches are absorbable and placed under the skin. There is also a thin layer of surgical glue on the surface.

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