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I am Dr. Forrest Roth – A leading Houston plastic surgeon

During medical school I spent a day with a plastic surgeon and immediately understood why they’re often referred to as “the surgeon’s surgeon.” The variety of patients, the diversity of procedures, the complexity and technical difficulty involved in surgically improving someone’s appearance—was a challenge that intrigued me.

It was a specialty I knew I could enjoy for a lifetime. To me, being a doctor means performing surgery that not everyone can do. Much of aesthetic surgery is not in a textbook and yet every outcome is on display.

You could say patients are profoundly changed from “the outside-in” as the result of our care. My Houston plastic surgery practice will not only be a place of technical expertise, but one where solid aesthetic judgment and an authentic connection with every patient prevail. Just as I “knew” the day I did my first rounds in plastic surgery, I want every prospective patient to “know” they have arrived at special spot when giving me consideration as their plastic surgeon.

Dr. Forrest Roth, a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, is proud to have met the challenges of one of the country’s most prestigious and comprehensive medical programs. His new practice will bear testimony to his commitment to providing the latest innovations and state of the art technology to his patients.

“Much of what we learned was not available 10 years ago so having trained in this era the patients will surely benefit. Having access to MD Anderson, Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Texas Medical Center I have been able to absorb a vigorous curriculum, from working in the emergency room to reconstruction and ultimately cosmetic surgery.” Dr. Roth trained in both arenas—reconstruction and aesthetics and performs a wide spectrum of procedures on an even broader demographic. He is adept at treating cancer, burns, trauma and cosmetic concerns from children to middle age and older populations. “Every patient is different, and even the same procedure will be different depending upon the patient.”

Dr. Roth feels the principles he uses in reconstruction have made him a better cosmetic surgeon. “There is a challenging anatomical expertise expected from a reconstructive surgeon. When you pair the knowledge of the structure and subtleties of the human form with an eye for aesthetics you have the best of both realms.” Although reconstruction and cosmetic surgery are sometimes discussed separately from one another, Dr. Roth does not make the same distinction. “Every reconstruction should be viewed with an eye toward aesthetics and every aesthetic surgery is improved by using the anatomical expertise of reconstructive training.”

A Fresh Approach…

Dr. Roth subscribes to a simple philosophy and approach when it comes to plastic surgery and treating patients. “The most important thing is every patient is different and accordingly has different needs. My philosophy overall is to treat them in a manner that is truly customized.” While every patient is looked upon as an individual, he feels the same way about reconstructive and cosmetic patients. “Although cosmetic patients are elective surgery candidates, reconstructive patients want to look and feel better about their appearance, too. I treat both with the same degree of empathy and concern.” Dr. Roth works hard to be sure every patient knows he is a person, a physician and then a plastic surgeon—in that order. “I am compassionate, personable and approachable and not at all intimidating. I pride myself on my availability and focus so the patient knows I am there for them alone.” Described as being straightforward and open, Dr. Roth listens carefully to hear things that perhaps are being said between the lines to fully understand the patient’s concerns. His friendly, easy going and relaxed attitude puts even the most anxious patients at ease.

During a consultation, there is plenty time for conversation. “I feel the best education is dependent upon the quality of the dialogue because it’s that special time getting to know each other that creates the critical bond between surgeon and patient.” Dr. Roth’s website has also been carefully designed to communicate information prospective patients need to know.

Dr. Roth feels strongly that the role of a plastic surgeon is starting to evolve. “Especially as one approaches middle age, having a plastic surgeon should be as valuable a part of your healthcare as having an internist to help anticipate concerns about aging.” And what does he see on the horizon that he’s excited about? “We are at the tipping point of exponential change.” He cites medical technology, product development in terms of fillers and implants, and non-surgical rejuvenation as part of the wave that will continue to change the complexion of the specialty. “Surgically we are starting to understand things on a molecular level. The limits of tissues and how you can move them, what you can and cannot remove surgically. The technology in nerve surgery to regenerate, repair and restore limb function is fascinating.”

Radical surgery is the exception today, points out Dr. Roth. We only have to look at the evolution of less invasive facelifts and simple vs. radical mastectomies. A better understanding of physiology has translated into more “superficial” procedures having the same or better results. Ultrasonic liposuction, abbreviated tummy tucks and closed vs. open rhinoplasty are all very different approaches than those touted 10 years ago. “Continuing education and implementing science based, fresh approaches really benefits the patient.”

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