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The skin is the largest organ of the body, comprising approximately 15% of our body weight. The total skin surface of an adult ranges from 12 to 20 square feet! The chemical composition of your skin is about 70% water, 25% protein, and 2% lipid, the remainder consisting of various other chemicals. The skin has three layers the epidermis (outside layer), the dermis (middle layer), and the subcutaneous layer. All can be enhanced with an effective skin care regimen.

The surface skin continuously sloughs off and is replaced by new cells from below. This is a rapid process, with the skin completely renewing itself every 3-5 weeks. This vital organ protects our body, helping to regulate our body’s temperature, protecting us from harmful substances, and so much more. Taking care of your skin not only beautifies your appearance but is critical to your overall health.


We all wash our face on a daily basis, but consider the many benefits of a more effective, easy to follow regimen – one that does a superior job cleansing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating your skin. Many products on the beauty skin care market contain artificial colors, stabilizers, and other chemicals. Ours don’t!

We carry products from several different skincare lines, but our primary two are SkinCeuticals and Obagi. Both supply superior, medical-grade products that are more effective than those available at your traditional beauty retailer.

Any skincare routine consists of several different crucial components, each with a different function.

Let’s look at the morning routine.

Keep in mind that you don’t need fifty steps in your skin care routine. A few well-chosen, quality products will be completely sufficient to take good care of your skin.

First, you’ll need a cleanser. We have multiple options, depending on age and sensitivity of your skin, as well as other specific concerns you might have. Both Obagi and SkinCeuticals make excellent cleansers. Many, but not all patients also use a toner following their cleanser.

Second, you’ll need an anti-oxidant to protect from aging and atmospheric damage, which is particularly prevalent in congested city air like Houston has. Our favorites and most popular options are Phloretin CF, and CE Ferulic, both of which are made by SkinCeuticals, but we also offer a Vitamin C serum from Obagi that many patients love.

Last, patients should choose a sunscreen of some sort. Both Obagi and SkinCeuticals make excellent sunscreens, and we have options from EltaMD as well. For re-application over your makeup, we even offer a brush-on option from Colorescience.

In the evenings, the routine changes.

Again, you’ll need a cleanser and likely a toner. This is especially important for removal of makeup, oil, and dirt left from the day.

After that, you need a retinol. Dr. Roth recommends this as the number one product you can use to take care of your skin and prevent and correct signs of aging. It helps increase cellular turnover to reveal fresher skin underneath.Our most popular retinols are from Obagi, and they’re available in two different strengths. SkinCeuticals offers an excellent retinol as well.

Last, you’ll want a moisturizer, and we have multiple options from multiple lines here, depending on your skin, and you’ll want some kind of eye cream. Our two most purchased options are A.G.E Eye Complex from SkinCeuticals and the Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream.

More specific recommendations based on age are listed below, but keep in  mind that each skin care regimen should be specifically tailored to your own skin concerns and skin type. Our esthetician can help you determine what will be most effective for your own face.


We will to help you understand these routines and products. Schedule your skin care regimen consultation today!

Here are listings of a sample selection of products broken down by age group:


  • Morning: SkinCeuticals Simply Clean, Phloretin CF Gel, Physical Matte SPF 50 or Sheer Physical SPF 50
  • Evening : SkinCeuticals Simply Clean, Metacell Renewal B3, and eye cream.


  • Morning: SkinCeuticals Simply Clean,  Phloretin CF, Hydrating B5 Gel, Physical Fusion SPF 50 or Physical Matte SPF 50,
  • Evening: SkinCeuticals Simply Clean, Retexturing Activator or Retinol, and eye cream.


  • Morning:  Obagi Foaming Cleanser or Gentle Cleanser, C E Ferulic, H.A. Intensifier, Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 or Sheer Physical SPF 50
  • Evening: Obagi Foaming Gel / Gentle Cleanser, Retinol, Triple Lipid Moisturizer, and A.G.E. Eye Complex.

50’s and up

  • Morning:  Obagi Gentle Cleanser, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, H.A. Intensifier, Physical Fusion 50 or Sheer Physical 50
  • Evening: Obagi Gentle Cleanser, Retinol, SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Moisturizer, and A.G.E. Eye Complex.

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