Microneedling (SkinPen)® Let your skin naturally rejuvenate


Microneedling with SkinPen

SkinPen® is a highly effective microneedling device, offering state-of-the-art skin rejuvenating technology. Microneedling traumatizes the skin just enough to catalyze collagen production, though not nearly enough to cause any long-term damage. (At most, patients experience some redness with minimal bleeding).

Why SkinPen is our preferred micro-needling device

SkinPen® is effective for every skin type, making it a breakthrough choice for patients with hyperpigmentation (darker areas of skin). Laser treatments are usually ineffective for patients with darker skin or those with lighter skin with tans.

In addition to making your skin look more youthful, SkinPen® evens out skin tone and reduces acne. It also reduces the appearance of blemishes, sunspots, and other superficial damage that can degrade your skin over time. Recovery is minimal, taking only 1-3 days. Results are quickly visible. All these benefits explain why SkinPen® continues to be so popular both among patients and our cosmetic surgeon Dr. Roth who have seen the consistent benefits of this technology.

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