Is Sugar Aging You?


We all know about the most obvious sources of sugar:

Common sources of sugar:

  • sodas
  • desserts
  • juice
  • yogurt
  • bread
  • pasta
  • fruit

The hidden sugars:

  • salad dressings
  • lattes
  • ketchup
  • bbq sauce
  • sports drinks
  • multi-grain cereals

Yes, your sweet tooth maybe contributing to your advanced aging! While aging is inevitable, what you eat maybe the single biggest factor in your skin quality through-out your life. Sugar is by far the biggest culprit. With obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other diseases skyrocketing, sugar is directly linked to all! As it weakens your body it also weakens your skin.

Rather than focusing on labels, focus on eating foods without labels. Vegetables should be your staple along with meats and limited fruits. Does this mean no candy bars? Yes, they’re full of sugar, chemicals and unnecessary carbs. Fruits are nature’s dessert but eat them sparingly.

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