What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a “nose job” by patients, enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nasal cavity. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery that is done to improve an obstructed airway requires careful evaluation by the plastic surgeon of the nasal structure as it relates to airflow and breathing.

Dr. Roth’s Houston Rhinoplasty surgery exercises multiple techniques and measured incisions to enhance facial harmony with the proportions of your nose. Our renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Roth applies defined symmetrical techniques to beautify your nose size in relation to your facial balance. The procedure is accomplished through a blend of carefully tailored mathematical measurements for each individual and scientifically proven methods to construct a proportional and ideal rhinoplasty.

Once the plastic surgeon has evaluated your facial structure and aesthetic goals he will use an advanced surgical technique to create insignificant incisions to your nose to access your cartilage. He will then reshape your cartilage, customizing the alterations to create a more natural position in dimension to your face.This scale will create a symmetrical ratio from the nasal height to the total facial height.

This precise method acquires two types of incisions-open rhinoplasty and endonasal rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty incisions are made outside the nose with a small access incision on the underside of the nasal area. Endonasal rhinoplasty incisions are made inside the nasal passages. The plastic surgeon will then add/remove bone and cartilage from the perimeter around the nose. After that, your soft tissues and skin will then remodel based on the shape made by the underlying structure created. Dr. Roth’s exemplary rhinoplasty techniques has had a very powerful, confidence-building impact on his patient’s’ self-esteem.

New to Plastic Surgery?

What to Expect During Your First Houston Rhinoplasty Consultation

Arrival to our Houston Office

We know first impressions matter and have created a warm, welcoming environment for our patients right in our downtown Houston office. When you check in at the reception desk, you can fill out forms if you haven’t submitted them electronically.

Meeting the Plastic Surgeon’s Assistant

When you are called to begin your appointment, you will first meet with Amber Fichtner, Physician Assistant, who will review your medical history with you.

Meeting the Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Roth is a personable, compassionate professional. He cares deeply about giving his patients having a wonderful experience from their first consultation through long-term follow-up. His friendly, easy-going, and relaxed attitude puts even the most anxious patients at ease. Dr. Roth’s exemplary cosmetic surgery techniques have had a very powerful, confidence-building impact on his patients’ self-esteem. Dr. Roth knows that every patient is unique. Together with his staff, he makes all the time necessary to individualize your care based on your personal needs. He carefully explains your options in easy-to-understand language before making his recommendations so that you can then determine the best plastic surgery choice.

Common rhinoplasty Questions to Discuss with the Plastic Surgeon

  • How does rhinoplasty surgery change your facial appearance–what are the reasons why you would like this cosmetic nose surgery performed?
  • How do you feel about your facial region now? What specific changes do you want to see after the plastic surgery?
  • I am considering a nose job, what is the cosmetic surgeons nose job success rate?
  • Can a rhinoplasty help breathing problems?
  • To what extent can your nose be slimmed in rhinoplasty surgery?
  • What are the best procedure(s) to help you realize your goals? What are the results that can be expected from each procedure, including the benefits and risks of each?
  • What’s involved during the rhinoplasty surgery (e.g., kinds of incisions, anesthesia type, and recovery timeframe)?
  • Is the doctor board certified in plastic surgery? (Dr. Roth is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).
  • How many times has the rhinoplasty plastic surgeon performed the procedure?
  • How regularly has the surgeon performed that particular procedure?
  • How risky is a nose job? Is nose surgery worth it?
  • Do you have Houston Rhinoplasty before and after pictures? -Yes!
  • Where does rhinoplasty surgery take place? Is it certified for patient safety? What are the credentials of their surgical staff?
  • Who is the anesthesiologist? What kind of certification do they have?
  • What have been people’s experiences with rhinoplasty? Do you have is nose surgery worth it
  • How would an emergency be handled during the cosmetic procedure?
  • How has the doctor helped patients with similar physical issues and concerns? (Dr. Roth is going to show you before and after photos of their results).

What is Involved in the Procedure ?

Want to find out what happens during a nose job?

Rhinoplasty surgery includes the following steps:

  • Medications are administered for your comfort. Your doctor will recommend the best anesthetic option for you.
  • Rhinoplasty is performed either using a closed procedure or an open procedure. During the closed procedure, the incisions are hidden inside the nasal area, while on the other hand, the open procedure is made across the columella (the narrow strip that separates the nostrils).
  • Once Dr. Roth has sculpted the nose to the desired underlying structure and shape, nasal skin and tissue is redraped, and incisions are closed.

What rhinoplasty surgical procedure can treat?

When a person’s nose does not share symmetrical balance with their other facial features, getting rhinoplasty surgery can bring facial harmony along with a boost of confidence. This cosmetic procedure can reduce, smooth and straighten noses to better compliment the face. Another common reason to have nose surgery is when a patient is having trouble breathing. The most typical case is that of a deviated septum, otherwise known as a nostril collapse.

  • Nose size in relation to facial balance.
  • Nose width at the bridge or in the size and position of the nostrils.
  • Nasal asymmetry.
  • Nose profile with visible humps or depressions on the bridge or nasal bump.
  • Nasal tip that is enlarged or bulbous, drooping, upturned, or hooked.
  • Nostrils that are large, wide, and upturned.
  • Bulbous nasal tip.
  • Nose bridge bump

Recovery From A Rhinoplasty

Dr. Roth will determine whether you will need a splint and/or bandages to be placed outside your nose during initial healing. Initial swelling will subside within a few weeks. You will notice gradual changes in the appearance of your nose as a refines to a more permanent outcome. Dr. Roth will fully explain how to care for your surgical site and when to return for follow-up care. This is one of several reasons why people consider Dr. Roth the best nose job doctor in Houston.

Common Rhinoplasty Surgery Questions

Am I a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?

Once you meet with Dr. Roth for your initial consultation in our downtown Houston office, the plastic surgeon may recommend any number of procedures including but not limited to: nose reshaping, nose reduction surgery or even nose reconstruction surgery. There are many different cosmetic surgery options so it is important to choose the right procedure that are right for you.

Where does the surgery take place?

Procedures are done at Dr. Roth’s Houston rhinoplasty surgery center offers the latest amenities and is AAAA certified—the ultimate in surgical accreditation for patient safety.

How much time off should I take from work and exercising?

You will need to plan some rhinoplasty recovery time. Usually, Dr. Roth will advises you to stay away from work and exercise for two to three weeks. That is the amount of time needed for bruising and swelling to go down.

What are the precautions after rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty Aftercare instructions are directly connected to the procedure. Recovery from nose surgery is very important and there are specific protocols given to patients so you know what care should be taken after rhinoplasty. The specific instructions you will receive from Dr. Roth will depend on the exact procedure which is performed – no two are the same.

What results can I expect?

Nose job results are likely to change over time. It takes several months and sometimes up to a year for swelling to completely subside. This is why many doctors advise waiting at least a year post-op before deciding to do a revision rhinoplasty. Some suggest waiting even longer as the nose tip continues to soften and reduce in swelling. See West Ave Plastic surgery success stories by looking at our nose job before and after gallery

How much does a rhinoplasty cost in Houston, TX?

You may be asking yourself, “how much does rhinoplasty surgery cost in Houston?” The average cost of rhinoplasty surgery can depend on many factors. A surgeon’s fee in Houston, TX may vary based on the type of cosmetic procedure chosen during consultation as well as the envisioned outcome of the plastic surgery. Depending on the nose job. There can be a different nose reconstruction cost, nose reshaping cost as well as a separate price for nose reconstruction. The cost for nose surgery can be a different price depending which procedure as well as the doctor and the location (Houston). West Ave Plastic Surgery will always work with you to offer the most affordable nose surgery price.

What are included in rhinoplasty costs?

The total cost of nose surgery in Houston include the cost of an anesthesiologist, anesthesia fees, medical tests, prescriptions for medications, and surgeon’s fee. Dr. Roth and his Houston staff will consult with you affordable cosmetic surgery and customize a nose surgery package just for you.

Rhinoplasty for deviated septum?

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that’s done to fix a deviated nasal septum. This surgical procedure can be combined along with Rhinoplasty for a combined facial cosmetic surgery package. The septoplasty and rhinoplasty together cost and recovery may differ than each surgical procedure on its own.

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