3 Things To Do Before Having Plastic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery can provide confidence-boosting, amazing life-lasting results. To ensure a positive outcome, we strongly recommend you carefully research your options, prepare physically for the surgery, and schedule adequate post-procedure recovery time. Be careful to avoid an inexperienced or sub-par surgeon, a decision that can lead to heartache and costly corrective surgeries.

FIRST, Do Your Research

Before consulting with any cosmetic surgeon, investigate the procedure(s) you are contemplating. Locate independent, reliable information about the professionals in your area. Make sure they’re certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. –Do they specialize in the surgery you want to be performed? What do their previous patients say about them? How long have they performed the procedure(s) you have in mind? How many have they completed?

You’ll be spending considerable time with your cosmetic surgeon before and after your procedure. Any operation is a serious undertaking, requiring careful consideration. Your doctor and support staff need to have your complete confidence.

Do you and your surgeon share the same aesthetic sensibility? What you and they see as attractive could be different. Look through their patients’ before and after pictures. Do you like what you see? After speaking with the surgeon, are you confident they understand your vision and have the technical and artistic craft to achieve it? Do they have a plastic surgery office that looks respectable and comfortable

SECOND, Establish a Healthy Regimen

By following a healthy preoperative regimen, you maximize your body’s strength and resilience. Ask for advice from your surgeon regarding supplements you should and should not take. If you take a multivitamin, for example, you may need to discontinue it. By eating healthy, clean food and drinking a lot of water, you will shorten your recovery time.

THIRD, Schedule Adequate Time for Recovery

Clear your schedule of work commitments and personal obligations during the expected recovery time for your procedure(s). Arrange for help with household chores, shopping, and other tasks. You must take it easy during your recovery to prevent jeopardizing your results.

Remember—if you have any misgivings about a surgeon’s recommendations, get a second or third opinion. Better to postpone than to be sorry!

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